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Kathleen E. Shepherd-Segura





Kat left that afternoon to find her brother Paul, she had not seen him for more than twenty-four hours, he owed her money, and she thought maybe he was at her aunt Milly’s new house on Washington Street in Haverhill helping her with the house. The drive to Haverhill from Merrimac was uneventful in her 1982 white Subaru Wagon, except for the occasional pot hole and the faint sound of the flapping of the silver duct tape, which held the rusted door panels down and away from catching on Kat’s clothes every time she got in the car.


Since childhood Kat always had a camera and this day was no different. The faint quacking sound of ducks filled her ears as she took in the fresh pine air.  She dropped her duffel by the back door gently, so not to break off the flash on her new Kodak instant camera, and went inside. She’s greeted by an empty stove in the kitchen, nothing cooking and she is hungry.

  •  Sample: ART POEM

A published Anthology of amateur poem’s titled “Where The Mind Dwells”. Page 21 ART. ISBN 978-1-60880-489-4

Sometimes I think about the past

When my hair was thicker

My reflexes were quicker

And I could tolerate liquor




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